Over the past few years I’ve immersed myself in teaching. I originally picked these positions up as a quick way to begin earning money after relocating to NYC and had also recalled various individuals in the past who “thought I would be a great teacher”. Upon beginning these jobs, I began to appreciate the rewarding occupation that teaching is while further developing my skills with feedback and further reading into the topic. My present experience is the following:


  1. I’ve spent 2 years (so far) teaching and writing lessons for this company.
  2. I designed and standardized approximately 150 unique lessons about robotics and programming for grades K-5.
  3. I created a program in VBA to open excel spreadsheets, apply a sorting algorithm to the data, remove unneeded data, compare the cells between multiple sheets, copy, and paste extra information within the contents.
  4. I created and implemented various IT solutions in order to reduce hardware, software, and hourly maintenance/troubleshooting costs.

SciTech Kids:

  1. I spent a (school) year and a half here teaching children about science.
  2. I helped to structure and further develop some lessons to make learning more exciting for children,
  3. I led birthday parties by taking children through science experiments.
  4. I assisted in some of the design of their physical location as it was begin developed.
  5. I maintained and fixed 3D printers and some other technical products.

***One notable lesson I designed was using helium-filled balloons to teach children about the buoyant force. A balloon that floats towards the ceiling has a higher buoyant force than the force of gravity pulling it downwards. I challenged the children to tape paper and small weights to a balloon until the gravitational and buoyant forces cancelled out. This allowed the balloon to be placed and remain stationary at different heights. However, the balloon would not always remain still. Why? By cancelling the two prevailing forces on the balloon, another force was able to break the balance: the static electric force. The children found that they could use objects (such as a chair) to attract the balloon towards them and cause it to move.

Jumpstart through NYU:

  1. I spent a (school) year as a corps member teaching preschool children about reading while helping them to expand their vocabulary.

CodeSpeak Labs:

  1. I spent a (school) year here teaching middle school students about programming through block-based and written code.
  2. I developed a few lessons to help the children learn.