A new way for children to start programming is coming soon!

Are you sick of your children constantly being absorbed into video games that don’t teach them anything?

Have you tried to get them interested in educational products that they’ve quickly become bored with?

Do you want your children to not only learn programming but to WANT to program in their free time?

Well this is exactly what we plan to accomplish.

The Problem

We’ve taught children for years about programming and during this time we’ve noticed many shortcomings. The main issue we’ve found is that programming feels too much like work for many children to want to do outside of the classroom.

The Solution

We’re actively talking to parents, children, educators, and other developers as we begin to design our own captivating game that will allow children to have fun and learn programming. As we learn, we have been fine-tuning our design to be exactly what kids and adults are looking for. Stay tuned as a virtual and physical programming world is developed and comes to life! Prepare to be Robotyzed!

About Us

Our team consists of a variety of teaching, engineering, computer science, and business experience. The majority of us have taught in school classrooms, afterschool programs, summer camps, and have even put on educational birthday parties. We’ve tutored both adults and children and understand how to convey new concepts to different learning styles. We’re all extremely driven to create something great and motivate children to learn!

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