I began my undergraduate career by pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering. After my first semester, I decided to simultaneously work on a Physics degree because I also possess a large passion for attempting to understand how everything works from the smallest particle to the grandest of scales. I then chose to go to graduate school so that I could further learn, grow in my studies, and focus more specifically on the things that interest me. I received a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2018 with a focus in control systems at NYU.

Throughout my undergraduate studies I was exposed greatly to the field of test engineering at NIAR. This gave me a feel for what really occurred outside of the classroom. I began to familiarize myself with programmable logic controllers, hydraulic/fluid systems, electric and pneumatic actuators, environmental testing certification standards, sensors, regulators, shop tools for building test stands, and various material standards. I spent a summer working in the Texas A&M AggieSat Lab, a student-run satellite lab, and became acquainted with the challenges of attitude estimation and various versions of the kalman filter. Additionally, I conducted undergraduate research in my senior year of college to investigate the feasibility of replacing the standard control surfaces on an aircraft with smart materials in order to increase efficiency.

When I entered graduate school, I quickly picked up a number of part time jobs and began teaching children from the age of 3-12. I currently develop curriculum that teaches children about programming and robotics/engineering. Through my teaching experience, I noticed a need for a more effective programming platform for kids and spent a summer in an entrepreneurship program investigating the feasibility of turning this idea into a viable product/business. We’ve named this application Robotyze and have started development on this idea.

My current side projects focus on designing automated systems that teach programming to and provide a simplistic interface for any user.

I worked as a full time Software Engineer for the IoT company Andium from January of 2018 to August of 2019. At Andium I lead the development of a process to automatically configure and provision IoT systems for production usage. I also build various proof of concepts and performed a detailed solar data analysis/sized the solar systems used on Andium devices.

During my time at Andium, I worked part time for Idealyst (now ATCS) designing chatbot proof of concepts and eventually transitioned to become a full time Computer Systems Architect.


Wichita State University

B.S. Aerospace Engineering – Spring 2015

B.S. Physics – Summer 2015

New York University -Tandon School of Engineering

M.S. Mechanical Engineering – Spring 2018

I’m always interested in working on new projects! If you’d like to collaborate on something or ask me to work on a project, please contact me here: